The first thing we need to do is to make an agreement about how we are going to work together. If you have read my information and would like to take the next step towards the possibility of receiving counselling from the TexTalk Therapy Service, there are some simple, straightforward steps to take to ensure that we are the ‘best fit’ to achieve your therapeutic goals:

1. You may get in touch with me using my simple online enquiry form (link) outlining your basic contact details, your general enquiry and a brief summary of the circumstances that have led to your enquiry

2. I will use this information to check with you, via phone or email, that I’ve understood clearly what it is you would like help with and, if you haven’t already done so, I’ll ask you to complete and return my New Client Questionnaire, which will ask you for further information about your current circumstances

3. Having consulted your New Client Questionnaire form we’ll arrange a convenient time for us to ‘talk’ (via phone or email), where together we’ll decide whether counselling is the best option for you and which of the various forms of communication suit you best, (ie traditional: 'face to face'; or online: either email or Online Therapy Chat)

4. If at this stage you agree to go ahead to the next step, I’ll ask you to review my Informed Consent and Social Media policy documents (link); both outline my Terms of Service and give you comprehensive information about the nature of the counselling service being offered and are intended to help you come to a final decision before accepting the service. Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think might provide positive support for you in coming to your decision.

5. On your acceptance of the service I will send you my confidential contact details to be used solely in cases of technical breakdown or emergency. We’ll also agree the specific arrangements for our sessions: for example, the ‘day’ and the time of day.

6.We’ll then arrange a FREE initial session of up to 30 minutes which we may use to explore in more detail your understanding of the problem, the treatment plan, and your hopes for the therapeutic outcomes of your therapy


Contact Form

My practice is "fee for service" and that means that payment is due prior to, or at the start of, each appointment. Session payments are accepted via credit or debit card processed through PayPal or Sprint. Sessions for all forms of counselling are generally considered to last 50 minutes (or up to approximately 750 words, (around two sides of A4) per therapeutic email). Sessions may be purchased one at a time or as a package.

Fees for face to face counselling may be paid in advance via PayPal or Sprint or by cash payment at the start of each session unless other arrangements have been made.

Standard Charges:

Face to Face Counselling

Initial up to 30 minute session:


Each session:


4 session bundle:


Students / Low Income:

Concessions offered, please enquire

Online Therapy Chat or Email Counselling

Initial up to 30 minute session:


1 session:


4 session bundle:


Students / Low Income:

Concessions offered, please enquire


As a psychotherapy client, you have privileged communication. This means that your relationship with me as my client, all information disclosed in our sessions, and the written records of those sessions are confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your written permission.
However, there are certain circumstances, particularly regarding your own safety, and the safety of others, when I am required by law to consider reaching out beyond the therapeutic space. Regardless of these requirements however, I will never divulge contents of our discussions without consulting with you first. Please feel free to raise this with me so that we may discuss the topic more fully when we meet.


No online service can offer 100% security; however, I have put everything in place to maximise security and I encourage you to do the same. Nevertheless, it is important to note that users must be aware that there are risks in transmitting information over the internet. Communication may be at risk of being intercepted, read or modified. In order to avoid this my service utilises encrypted services for all online communications involving email and online therapy chat, specifically either Hushmail or VSee, where appropriate.

Please be assured that I will give you full instructions as to how to access any of these services at the relevant time. Equally importantly - you will NOT be charged for these services, nor asked to download any software.

Privacy and Data Protection:

The trust between us is crucial to the success of your counselling experience; you need to feel safe to share what’s going on in your life. My counselling service is private and confidential and, with regard to Online Counselling, I am not able to be observed when in session with you or when composing your emails. I also take the following steps to safeguard your privacy and the privacy of our counselling relationship:

My website is secure and is protected with an SSL Certificate

I protect my computer with a firewall and antivirus software

During our online counselling sessions ALL client communications take place over encrypted services – this is the most secure way of keeping our counselling exchanges private

I am a registered data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office ( and I follow their guidelines for storing and handling sensitive data (such as transcripts of counselling sessions and my notes) – my registered number is *********

Any electronic notes are located on a secure external hard drive that is kept in a locked cabinet overnight

I keep any paper notes in a locked cabinet in my office

Safeguarding Your Own Privacy and Security:

To maximise your own privacy and concentration during our counselling session, there are certain precautions that I would highly recommend you put in place:

Whilst working at your own computer, ensure you are in a private place so that no one else is able to look at your screen and see what you are typing - and perhaps engage you in a conversation during your counselling appointment.

It is also very important to think about taking steps to password protect your computer, to prevent anyone else from accessing your personal and confidential material.

If you use a shared computer, always ensure that you 'log-out' completely after each session.

For detailed information about your confidentiality, privacy and security, as well as the specific Terms of Service for the Mandy Alexander Counselling Service, please follow the links to the documents referred to below:

Useful Documents