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What Is Online Counselling?

The work of an Online Therapist is variously known as Online Therapy, Online Counselling or Email Therapy - and simply explained relates to any form of counselling that is conducted over the internet, for example via secure email or Online Chat or Messaging services.

The overiding advantage of using digital media to engage with an online counselling service is that it makes therapy readily accessible and convenient. The therapy takes place within your own home at a time and frequency that suits you best. Many people also find the sense of 'anonymity' that is engendered makes it easier for them to 'talk' about difficult issues - rather than sitting 'face to face' with a therapist.

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What Do Young People Think of Online Counselling?

The Distinctive Benefits of Online Therapy:

Research has shown that some benefits young people identify from accessing counselling online include the increased accessibility of a service that operates without the need to travel somewhere and also the more extended hours a service may be available.
However, it is not just improved accessibility that is valued, some young people identified advantages in communicating their thoughts and feelings via a different medium ...

"... there are some prominent themes as to what children and young people value above all else about counselling - namely that it offers a confidential 'safe space' where support is offered flexibly at a pace directed by the child or young person by staff with the skills to listen and empathise with children and young people, who do not criticise, judge or imposte their own philosophies or beliefs on those seeking help ..."

Face to face counselling never helped (me) ... I'm not shy talking to people over the internet and it (online counselling) helps a lot

Children and Young People's Views of Counselling: Improving the Tools to Gather Outcomes. (Youth Access to information, advice and counselling. Cathy Street - March 2014)

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What Are the Specific Benefits of Online Counselling?

Online counselling provides several advantages in terms of convenience, accessibility and approachability - especially if you:

Need to be able to see a therapist at a time that is most convenient for you

Do not have the time, means or physical capability to travel to and from a therapists’ office

Would like your meeting with a counsellor to remain a private and personal matter

Are anxious or embarrassed about going to in a strange or unfamiliar office

Are feeling depressed, anxious and unmotivated

Travel extensively for work

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